let’s talk mental health

I have anxiety. my anxiety was triggered this week. when I am anxious I either feel like I am climbing up a mountain while water is rushing down the mountain or fight or flight.

when I am anxious, it means —

  • my thoughts are spiraling out of control and I need to reel them in
  • I’m starting to lose touch with my surroundings
  • I feel really overwhelmed and want to prevent a breakdown or outburst
  • I am experiencing sensory overload

when I am anxious, it means —

  • my body starts to lightly shake
  • I sit in silence and stare
  • I speak less
  • I can appear to be closed off or as I’m shutting down

when I am anxious,

  • it takes time for my anxiety to pass
  • lack of sleep makes the anxiety harder to pass



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the after rain effect

the after rain effect


i am layered; my trauma is my muse; writing is my therapy; music is my love language;